Puppy yoga class

Lie down comfortably, close your eyes, inhale, exhale.. inhale, exhale.. inhale, exhale.

But how on earth is it possible to stay focused in breathing, when you have all 10 of your beloved master's toes for your private amusement. Woof! and her ear lobes are so close too! Woof-Woof! Puppy Yoga is about gentle yoga sequences performed amidst all this puppy nibbling, training your mind to concentrate despite the sweetest distractions. This is by far the closest experience to our idea of heaven.


It's been 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci died

and a great opportunity for the Louvre to pay tribute to the Florentine master with an exceptionally big exhibition! Even if you are not a legit art consumer, transcend yourself and go soak-up some art! At best you might enjoy the experience, and at the very best, you will have great pics to post on your networks.


WHERE: The Louvre, Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France WHEN: October 24 - February 24, 2020


CBD Oil - the highs, the lows and the unknowns

Don't tell anyone, but there are circumstances that make us wish we had a special stash of particular dry leafs. Here are some less commonly known facts about these leafs: Responsible for its notorious "high", THC is the main reason that the amazing Cannabis plant has become illegal in so many countries. Cannabidiol (CBD), the next most abundant component in Cannabis, is less glamorous, but has some qualities that will blow your mind away (too)! CBD oil offers remedy or relief to pain, anxiety and depression, cancer-related symptoms, insomnia, acne, and even some of the cruelest childhood epilepsy syndromes. However, remember! Magic cures like CBD do not come without some cons: nausea, fatigue, and irritability are the most common.


We say - always stay on the high side!


Meet: Tzvia Elhayani 

Every company must have its field-commander-in-chief. Ours is Tzvia, who orders all of us (and a few more) around. If you need a flight booked, a new chair or if you have a headache – Tzvia is the right person to approach. She always has all the compassion, remedies and solutions, wrapped in tough love.

Tzvia, where would we be without you?!  

Silk'n beautiful technology

We live in an era of advanced technology which affects every part of our daily life. Technology isn't just restricted to smartphones, GPS locators, smart watches etc. Fitness, beauty, health and wellness also use technology to help us live better and look younger. Silk'n brings all this goodness home! And this month we would like to extend our best wishes to our sister, InMode Ltd., that develops some truly amazing medical aesthetic technologies for professionals, on its recent successful floatation on Nasdaq, raising $70 million!!!

We are super proud (and a bit jealous)!

Visit Silk'n to learn more!


Soon launching!

We often find ourselves day-dreaming about 'toasting' away stubborn fat. Yum! If you have such visions too, we might have the exact product for you, and it's called Silk'n LIPO PRO.


Stay tuned, we will soon tell you ALL about it in a dedicated newsletter.


Lice can't fly, but they can walk really fast - almost 10 cm a minute! 

(Boy! We never paid that much attention to lice and their qualities until we became parents!)