Family meditation time

Still locked up? Lonely? Anxious? Kids consume the little concentration you have left?

A vigorous attempt to tackle all of the above in an organized family workout, ended after 19 seconds with two bruised toes and one broken innocent cup. That's how small our living room is.

So for us it's body exercise – OUT, soul exercise – IN.

And what better exercise for the soul thanmeditation?

·        Meditation improves blood circulation

· Reduces anxiety & stress

· Allows deeper relaxation

· Helps you breathe better

· Stimulates clearer and more positive thinking

Just google: 'beginners meditation' and get started!


The New Normal

Trying to imagine what the 'new normal' will be like, post-coronavirus, we were sure to put on our pink-optimistic-glasses, which reminded us that it might not be all bad:

  • Others might actually start respecting our private space

  • Given this long-needed break, nature will probably recover a bit

  • We will start appreciating even the most dreary daily routines

  • Looking out for each other will play a bigger part in our lives and in our minds

  • Being aware of mankind's ability to adapt to almost anything, will make our troubles look more manageable

Stay positive, and stay safe!


We travel the world and bring you the 'it' stuff happening now!

Not really. We just Google very well.

Still safe to visit:

Solomon Islands,Vanuatu,Samoa,Palau,Kiribati, Federated States ofMicronesia,Tonga,MarshallIsland,TuvaluandVanuatu.

Not that we are planning to fly soon, yet thankful to know that there are still beautiful countries on this planet that haven't been affected by coronavirus.


Best corona-time tips

We asked the Silk'n team to share their best corona-time survival tips. Here are some:

Mark Erez, CFO|

Balcony gardening and search for sweet animals, i.e.snails, butterflies, and caterpillars.

Liora Levi, Director of clinical andregulatoryaffairs |

Go for a walk with the neighbor's dog.

Sandra Cockburn,North AmericaSales & Marketing |

Snack on vegetables, NOT chips!

Limor Paz, Marketing and Sales Manager, Israel Market|

Giving our facial skin some quality time and nurture.

Have a good one too? Share it with us via Email.

We will publish your best tips and find a nice way to make their senders happy.


NOW is probably the BEST TIME to treat yourself!

In some countries people are no longer in quarantine, and things are returning to a controlled routine (good for you!), while in other places many households are still confined to their home.   And we have to admit that while at home, our favorite spot is the couch, and our main physical activity is chewing.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to maximize some of those dead hours for turning the time back? With Silk'n's phenomenal products you can treat your face and body to a younger you. Our current Best-Sellers include the following groundbreaking, effective and simple to use devices -


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"Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet", a wise woman told us.

This set us searching, and here is what we learned:

Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that can improve brain function and make you smarter (yes please!), assist with fat loss and reduce the risk of some cancers, drinking green tea is a smart and super-healthy habit.

We just poured ourselves a cup. Like some?