Tokyo Games 2020 Vs. Coronavirus

In normal times, this item would have been all about the five new sports set to spice up the Tokyo Olympic Games, July 2020 - Baseball, Karate, Skateboarding, Climbing and Surfing.

But these days are all but normal, as the coronavirus is actually threatening the Olympics.

We take this opportunity to extend Silk'n's wishes to all of our business contacts, colleagues, partners and customers  worldwide, who might have been affected.

Our hearts are with you! We wish you full recovery and a speedy return to your normal routine!


Corona-time tourism

Reality sunk in. We had to say goodbye to our spring vacation plans, which included boarding planes.
As we started adjusting to this new 'normal', long-neglected 3D glasses we purchased, suddenly captured our imagination. After downloading virtual touring software, we can now sit comfortably on our cozy sofa, safe at home, feet up, snacks stock in close proximity, and embark on a few hours of virtual tour of almost any location our heart desires. 
Escapism at its best, right? Well drastic times calls for drastic measures. 


Avocado to the rescue!

We would love to meet the woman (or man) that one time after eating an avocado toast said, "Um.. let me just smear some of this green buttery stuff on my face, and see what it does", and to them we'd like to say thank you! 

Avocados are high in beneficial fats, they contain vitamins E and C, and are packed with compounds that may protect our skin from sun damage (such as wrinkles and other signs of aging).

We're even willing to let you in on another beauty secret - to maximize the goodness effect, combine other natural ingredients into your Avocado facial mask, like honey (having antibacterial properties), or cucumber (helps keep your skin hydrated).

Believe us, we tried!, Avocados are all around - delicious AND good for your skin!



Meet: Liora Levi

Armed with tons of talent, experience and determination, combined with a PhD in chemical engineering, molecular simulations research, and topped with magic sprinkles and wit - Liora, Director of clinical and regulatory affairs, makes it her personal business to test every Silk'n product from all angles, until even the toughest regulation institutes in the world are fully convinced that it's safe and effective. 
Don't let her shy smile fool you, she is a clean mean facts machine!

Way beyond brushing!

Oh! What a month!

We got back from CES Las Vegas 2020 very tired, but equally satisfied.

Our mind-blowing ToothWave received a blast of attention from the industry, the media and dental pros there.

ToothWave™ is the 1st and only toothbrush clinically proven to REDUCE TARTAR! In addition, compared to other electric toothbrushes, it gives far better results in removing plaque, stains and discoloration and in eliminating gingivitis and gum bleeding - all thanks to its patented DentalRF technology.

Make sure to visit the ToothWave™ site to explore availability according to your location.


Making the most of yet another spare hour

So we got miserably stuck at home, and couldn't help but wondering how to make the most of it, when it hit us!

We can finally have a private hour with our Silk'n Infinity, a home-use hair removal with permanent results.,



Bad Bat PR 

Bats are probably the most hated creatures on planet earth right now, and not necessarily rightfully. So we've decided to learn a bit more about them, and were hit by a wave of sincere compassion and gratitude. For example, did you know that without bats we can say goodbye to bananas, avocados, mangos and 300 other species of fruit?

Or did you know that most bats have only one puppy a year, which makes them extremely vulnerable to extinction?

So we say - All species matter. Bats included.