High above sea level, near the Lebanese border, the Manara Cliff offers breathtaking views and numerous thrills, such as abseiling. This adorable young man was so brave and relaxed, I had to capture it!

Smadar Greenberg, Silk'n Israel


It was a perfect time to enjoy the beach and avoid the crowd in a wonderful resort hotel at Dameisha Shenzhen China.


Paddy Chan, Silk'n China


It is so nice to be able to explore the beauty of the Great Lakes in Canada! Lake Huron is in South Western Ontario and was a perfect place to relax during Covid …social distancing was a breeze in this mass of sand and water!

Sandra Cockburn, Silk'n Canada


Darangee village, located on Namhae Island in the southern coast of Korea, is surrounded by endless coastline and mountains, and draped with green heaven terraced rice paddies.

What a magnificent place to breath, relax, and enjoy the mighty nature.

Lucy Ko, Silk'n Korea


My Holiday Going Dutch: The Dutch have always been travel-loving people. But with the current pandemic, many Dutch, myself included, have decided to spend their vacation in their own country, exploring new places and hidden gems even they didn't know existed.

Like Giethoorn - the Venice of Holland, with its beautiful traditional houses and canals. Despite the pandemic, all ingredients are present for the Dutch to enjoy the gems our country has to offer.

Sezgin Cetin, Silk'n Netherlands

The Netherlands

The skies are gradually reopening, and while the adventurers among us are already traveling abroad, whether its for business or finally vacationing, most of us are still staying in our (relatively) safe homelands.
We invite you to join Silk'n global team members, as they guide us on virtual trips at their natural habitats.

Silk'n Sweet-Life Virtual Travel

If you take a two hour train from Tokyo, you'll reach to the wonderful western part of Kanagawa Prefecture, in  Odawara city. As you can see, there is much to enjoy and explore in the area, and there is rarely a crowd of people, which makes it an ideal place to visit in these times when social distancing is a must. The trains are well ventilated and everyone is wearing face masks, of course.

Tomoko Sawada, Silk'n Japan