Biking (=Spinning but outdoors)

When the weather springs up, the plants bloom and the days get longer, it’s the best time of the year to take your workout out. Biking is a wonderful option. This activity hosts a swarm of health benefits: improved cardiovascular function, leg strength, weight management, balance and coordination, and an all-time natural replacement for Cipralex. Not to mention it actually get you places!

And lets face it, biking clothes are cute and trending right now!


Eurovision 2019, May 14th-18th

Well this strikes close to home! and in the best way possible! If in normal times Tel-Aviv is notorious for its non-stop party and sin scene, hosting the Eurovision serves as the perfect excuse for a once in a life-time blast. Blooming spring nights, ocean breeze, diverse food (and abundance of alcohol), music, street art and a bubbly LGBT community – Now mix it all thoroughly with Tel-Aviv's traditional "white night" event on May 16th (official city-endorsed party throughout the night), and top with massive Eurovision glitz, including names like Madonna, Gal Gadot, Bar Refaeli and Dana International.

Wow! The Eurovision week will be seriously explosive!


HERE&NOW eating

To those of us seeking healthy nutrition principles, here is a simple and fascinating one-  Always prefer fruits, vegetables, crops and herbs that grow here and now, over those growing elsewhere or in other seasons (artificially preserved). The advantages of eating HERE&NOW foods are enormous! Recently harvested produce contain the good stuff in massive quantities. Preferring HERE&NOW foods is: 1. good for you, 2. supports local farming and 3. helps reduce environmental damages coming from transporting, cooling and processing. Your HERE is diverse, but here are some examples of nutrition boosts growing NOW: Arugula, Artichokes, Mint, Strawberries, Spring onions, Asparagus, Radishes.

Enjoy nature's goodness!

Meet Zina and Sveta, a mother & daughter power duo

Between Zina Mikitas in Engineering and Sveta, her daughter, in Operations, nothing that goes on at Silk'n can skip the Mikitas attention. When these two join forces, you better stay out of the way!

We are a bit jealous. Just a tiny bit.

Silk'n beautiful technology

We live in an era of advanced technology which affects every part of our daily life. Technology isn't just restricted to smartphones, GPS locators, smart watches etc. Fitness, beauty, health and wellness also use technology to help us live better and look younger. Silk'n brings all this goodness home, and last month we won the Tmall Global award for it! which we are keeping in our (virtual) medals cabinet.






Visit Silk'n to learn more!

A surprising navigation tool 

If you are at sea and you must know the direction of the wind, just look for the nearest standing seagull and voila!

It's beak always faces the wind. Why? Because their bodies (particularly their feathers) are optimized for that direction of airflow.

You are welcome.



Every woman needs a small miracle up her sleeve. Ours is FaceTite. When feeling old and tired, but having to put on our steamy evening look, FaceTite, the scientific breakthrough in skin rejuvenation, has the power to turn back the clock for us. The secret is in the revolutionary HT™ technology which tightens the facial skin, reduces wrinkles and reinstates collagen and elastin fibers. After using FaceTite at home, we go out with facial skin looking younger, lifted and glowing like never before.

Watch out girls! We are still rocking!


Learn how FaceTite works: 

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